Monday, 2 April 2012

Controlled crying: the only choice?

My daughter has slept for between 6-8 hours 5 times in the past 2 weeks. I am prod of her of that achievement and feel that we may after 25 months be coming to a point where she "sleeps through". However I am reluctant to share this with many people as so far I have just been met with blank looks, or comments about controlled crying.
While volunteering at my local children's center I made the mistake of telling one of the staff in conversion before the group started. Later on one of the mums to be was saying she didn't know how she would cope with lack of sleep. The member of staff told her it was only for a short time so she would be able to cope, unless she "made the mistakes" I made. She went to to talk about not "running to every cry". In the past I have herd other mums tell each other that they "have no choice" but to use controlled crying.
I work in a hospital and often have confused patients. When it is busy it can be annoying and feel like a wast of time having to repeatedly answer call buttons when the patient just wants to know if the button works, or to ask what the button is for but responding to it and reassuring them helps them to feel secure during their stay, I'm sure non of us would be happy for our elderly relatives to be afraid and alone when it would just take a few words from someone to reassure them. Other times there have been patients who have range the buzzer every 15 minutes to ask for a commode that they have not needed, or to ask the same questions that have already been answered. If you read in the press that those patients had not been answered and had been left to press the buzzer with no response most people would be out ranged at the neglect. Why then if we do it to our own children is it seen as "the only choice"?

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