Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Do we need breastfeeding awareness week?

As we are now in the middle of breastfeeding awareness we a thought came to me - do we need breastfeeding awareness week?

Surely if breast feeding is the normal state of play and the most natural thing to do we shouldn't need to have an awareness week for it. The is no breathing awareness week, or getting up in the morning awareness week ( although i know a few people who might benefit from this) and yet breastfeeding is just as natural and should be just as automatic.

In that case having an awareness week reinforce the image that breastfeeding is something special that only super mums do.

Then I look at the media this week. On Monday there was a mass feed in the Traford center in Manchester, it was covered as mums wanting the right to feed in public.
Daybreak had a piece on mums being made to feel guilty about not breastfeeding. you only have to look on their face book page to see the negative response. Myleen class has been quoted as saying she doesn't breastfeed to pacify the "brestapo".

I addition to this i've spoken to mums who don't know if they can feed their baby when they are in public ( if you are one of those mums the answer is yes you can). While I haven't really had any negative comments about breastfeeding

i've heard people saying negative things about someone else who breastfeeds. I also am on guard and ready to give information, facts and guidelines if anyone challenges me.
So while there is stil negative press , mums unsure of the facts and mums always thinking some one may make negative comments to them we do need a breastfeeding awareness week.
Do we need it? Yes
Should we need it? No

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

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